Who We Are

Bigger profits, breakthrough ideas, and business-changing innovation don’t just fall in your lap.

Success is a result of experience, passion, perseverance and the aggressive pursuit of opportunities.

We’ve generated tens of millions in sales by applying proven, time-tested direct response techniques to online and direct mail marketing. Our innovative, hands-on approach delivers you more customers, more sales and big business growth.

We have been called passionate, intense and relentless—we consider it a badge of honor.

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What We Are Not

If you want partners who spend hours creating and presenting fancy PowerPoint presentations,
you’ve come to the wrong place. We spend every ounce of our energy, time and creativity into
delivering results, not wowing you with our presentation skills.

We do not have a sales team. We believe our results sell themselves, and we’re proud to say that
referrals from clients and colleagues are the driving force behind our business growth.

We don’t use fancy lingo or the latest jargon to try to impress. Buzzwords might sound great in a
sales pitch, but they don’t grow your business.

Impact your bottom line today with a proven, practical and measurable direct response marketing solution.

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About the Partners:

Nancy Cathey

Nancy is a marketer who masters the science of direct response marketing, respects the art of it and excels at both. Her “golden gut” is legendary. It (plus years in the trenches) is the force behind her ability to uncover opportunities, intuitively react to results and deliver insightful analysis. She takes being called a numbers geek as a high compliment. Some of her specialties include list maximization, media planning, direct mail and results analysis. Nancy spent 15 years creating successful direct response programs for a large newsletter publisher. She pioneered the company’s foray into internet marketing, turning zero dollars in online sales into tens of millions. She co-founded NetEffect Marketing so she could put these skills and experience to work helping you grow your business.

Cindy Butehorn

Cindy is a writer, marketer and business builder. As a young journalist, she took her passion for storytelling to a newsletter publishing company. Displaying a talent for turning words into customer action, a direct response marketer was born. Her work contributed tens of millions in sales and she was behind building some of the largest circulation newsletters in company history. She took this experience online, helping to turn a traditional direct mail business into an online marketingpowerhouse. She can transform your business because she understands customer behavior and has a unique ability to develop products,services and copy that meet a marketplace need or desire. Cindy co-founded NetEffect Marketing because she believes every company has a story waiting to be told. Let her help grow your business in evolutionary and revolutionary ways through powerful, proven direct response marketing.